Our Workshop

For our tailored clothing we decided to concentrate our efforts on partnering with makers in Italy. Italy has a rich history in tailored clothing and here we are able to make beautifully soft and elegant tailoring in a very artisanal way. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best makers in Italy, pushing them to make our style of tailoring with great success. But we were still not satisfied and wanted to further refine and improve our offer.
So around three years ago we invested into a workshop that we had been previously working with to create something new. A place that we could experiment and learn. A maker that could create what we see as our ideal suit. The result is Sartoria Carrara.
Sartoria Carrara is our atelier based in the marble forged landscape of the Apuane alps of North-West Tuscany. The region is unique in its deep tailoring history, and here our local artisan tailors create our suits by hand, preserving the skills and traditional practices that are so essential to a suit's beauty.